Get over the corruption of BKF data due to file size limitation of FAT file system

Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 20, 2020

To tackle the mishaps like power failure, system failure, virus attacks, accidental system shutdown, CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors, Backup interruptions, errors due to unrecognized media, etc organizations and individuals follow the practice of maintaining back-ups of their crucial data. This practice is similar to that of keeping a copy of the original documents as prevention to loss of original documents. But what if these Xerox copies gets lost or stolen along with the original ones? What if the backup that you created for preventing yourself from harrowing data loss situations also becomes a victim of corruption?

Consider a scenario where you backed up your data using the NTBackup facility to ease and automate the process. Due to lack of knowledge, you attempted to store data of more than 4 GB of file size on a FAT file system of windows operating system. The consequence apparently is corruption of data. In Fat file system of windows, there is a threshold limit of 4 GB, above which if any attempt is made for storing the data using NTBackup facility then there is a fair probability of loss or corruption of data.  On the contrary, in the NTFS file systems of Windows the file size limitation depends upon the size of the partition. Therefore, the fact which can be extracted is that the size of BKF file created is an important reason behind damaging or safeguarding the BKF database.

Another real life situation which is usually encountered is the popping up of an error message which says:

“There is no information contained in the file”

The above error message implies the inaccessibility of data contained within the file and whenever the user tries to open it, the same error message continues to pop up. The reason behind such behavior is corruption of BKF file which could be the outcome of missing catalog file, malfunction in operating system, and execution of BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer service) during the backup database creation, etc.  Moreover, yet another cause for the encounter of such error message could be re- installation of Windows operating system with a different product key after creating a BKF database on Windows installed with another product key. Reason behind this is that the registry settings of the files are changed by doing so and therefore the files become inoperable.

Mere solution to deal with such corruption or inaccessibility issues is recovery of BKF data by using third party tools. RecoveryFix for BKF Repair tool  is one such prominent tool for performing the accurate recovery of BKF files and is capable of fighting any and every corruption or inaccessibility issue of BKF file. It facilitates by recovering multiple files in a single recovery cycle with the help of its dual modes of recovery. It supports recovery of all BKF files that are created using MS backup ntbackup.exe utility or Backup Exec by VERITA. For the user’s convenience, a free trial version of the software is also available which can be used to get acquainted with the in-built features of the software.

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