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Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 20, 2020

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system which uses File Allocation Table (FAT) and New Technology File System (NTFS) file system to store and retrieve data from hard disk or any other storage medium. While using and exposing various applications, you frequently face various kinds of data loss/inaccessibility problems.

You may come across a number of possible instances of data loss, while working with the windows operating system. The main causes of such type of data loss issues are accidental file deletion, sudden system shut down, virus/malware attack, file system corruption, operating system malfunction etc. These critical conditions may lead to inaccessibility or permanent loss of valuable data.

To avoid any future problem associated with OS corruptions and data loss, you should take regular back up because this is the best technique to avoid those errors that arise due to OS corruption. But, if you do not have any backup then it may be problem for you which can lose your crucial data stored in the hard drive. Unfortunately, if it has occurred then you should not get worried as there is an effective and efficient tool that can resolve your data loss problems. In order to effectively handle this critical situation, you are recommended to use popular and reliable third party utility that can recover Windows files that have been lost or become inaccessible for you.

Although, many Windows OS users take care of important data with the various data safety measures, as instances of accidental data loss is hard to prevent and in such cases any efficient data recovery software like Recoveryfix for Windows data recovery can be very helpful in recovering your windows data. Recoveryfix for Windows Data Recovery is an output oriented, and sophisticated FAT and NTFS data recovery software which ensures recovery of all kinds of data that have been lost from your computer’s hard disk. The tool is designed in such a way that it displays the all recovered windows data in Red color for their easy identification by the user. The software is embedded with three specific scanning and recovery methods which are helpful in absolute recover the every bit of lost data according to different data loss conditions. The following scanning modes are equipped with this Windows Data Recovery software:

  1. Quick Scan: It is a quick recovery mode that is used to extract lost data from bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, partition deletions, index corruptions, MFT corruptions, virus attacks, storage media errors, recently deleted files etc.
  2. Extensive Scan: It is an advanced recovery mode, used to recover data lost from partition format, partition deletion, and re-formatting of hard disk partitions.
  3. File Trace: It is the slowest but the most useful scanning modes in the software which scans hard disk sector by sector in order to find out lost windows data.

By using Recoveryfix for Windows Data Recovery utility, users can scan and recover the complete lost data from logical drives and physical devices connected with your computer. It also facilitates you to take preview of the chosen file. Furthermore, you are provided to organize the software settings before beginning the scanning process.

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