Complete Solution to Resolve Backup File Corruption caused due to CRC errors

Barclay Tcareva
Barclay Tcareva

Updated On - February 20, 2020

Are you a professional who is in habit of keeping back up of the entire data to duck them from corruption? It is quite obvious to do so. However, there are times when the backup data also becomes corrupt. The corruption does not differentiate the file before corruption. It simply disrupts the file system without any knowledge of the reason of its existence. Therefore, safeguarding your data and backup files becomes an utmost priority of any user to get rid of unnecessary binary issues.

Introduction to CRC errors and their significance

Cyclic Redundancy Errors (CRC) is basically an error trapping algorithm that usually works at the end of the data transmission. However, unfortunately it is the most common reason of corruption which is experienced while maintaining backup files. The role of CRC manifests at the end of data transmission to ensure that the data consistency is in occurrence. If in any case the consistency in data occurrence is prohibited, CRC will tend to issue an error to inhibit such data transmission. Each character undergoes thorough check to ensure stability of the data files. Moreover, the reason of such corruption is directed towards corrupt log files or corruption of header information. Once CRC error arrives to the file, its corruption is mandated.

The user would easily face problem, if in case there is no copy of backup files. Once the data gets corrupt, normally there is no chance to recover it except involvement of third-party tool. However, few professional advice to use inbuilt-repair tool to get rid of CRC errors, but they don’t prove efficient enough to deal effectively with such issues.

Managing CRC errors with inbuilt utilities

There are some inbuilt utilities that claim to manage CRC errors irrespective of the level of error, but somehow these utilities does not completely harbor complete solution to the problem. It is well-known that CRC errors occur due to missing Log files. Therefore, if the active directory restores the Exchange database by restoring Active Log files then the corruption can be disengaged. The inbuilt utilities such as Isinteg and Esseutil can assist the user to manage CRC errors.

If the inbuilt utilities does not provide the required solution or even if the corruption in back-up files persists, then users are recommended to switch to a reliable third party tool. However, to save time, use of third-party tool is highly recommended.

Assistance from Third-party Recoveryfix for Backup

Recoveryfix for Backup is the third-party tool efficient enough to tackle CRC errors. Embedded with powerful algorithm, Recoveryfix for Backup perfectly recover the BKF files that are affected by CRC errors. During the entire recovery process, no data loss takes place. Thus, it can be said that data consistency is thoroughly maintained.

Although there are numerous third-party tools available that promises successful repair BKF files, but their features are quite doubtful. When compared with Recoveryfix for Backup, those tools does not respond to elevated level of files.

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Recoveryfix for Backup supports the UNICODE characters and provides ‘Load snapshot’ and ‘Save Snapshot’ option so that recovery may remain aligned. Recoveryfix for Backup is embedded with Live Update Technology that initiates the continuous flow of recent updates so that recovery of the backup files could be put on fast track.

Recoveryfix for Backup tool supports various back up creator utility. To gain an access to such feature, users are advised to download the trail version of the tool. Prior downloading the trial version, users are advised to ensure about the system requirement. Pentium processor, minimum 64 MB ram and some disk space to save results, are the basic requirements that must be present in the system before installation of Recoveryfix for Backup.

For perfect recovery and saving of backup files, uses are advised to purchase the licensed version of Recoveryfix for Backup, which comes with lifetime validity and technical support.

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